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New generals in the Czech Armed forces

Published : 28 October 2012
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On 28th October, President Vaclav Klaus has promoted three Czech generals on the occasion of National Day commemorating the 94th anniversary of creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

Brigadier Bohuslav Dvořák, Deputy Chief of general Staff-Chief of Staff, has been promoted to Major general. Colonel Pavel Bulant, Director of National armament, and Colonel Božetěch Jurenka, chief of Military Medical Service, have been promoted to brigadiers.

Major general Dvořák, 52, belongs to the Air Force and is a former helicopter pilot. He attended the Staff Course in the United Kingdom (1995) and the Air Command and Staff course in Maxwell (United States) between 2003 and 2004. Until the end of June 2012, he was in charge of the Development of Forces Division in the Czech General Staff. He was promoted to Brigadier general on 8 may 2010.

Brigadier general Bulant, 42, comes from the Army. He initially served in armored and mechanized infantry units prior to joining the Military intelligence in 2003. From 2006, he is several times director of cabinet at Minister (2006-2007 or 2010-2011) or Deputy Minister level (2007-2008). General Bulant was nominated Chief of Armament Division on 15th June 2011 and is acting Deputy Minister for Acquisitions from 31st August 2012, when Rudolf Blažek left his position (see Opinicus article).

General Jurenka is a military doctor specialized in anesthesiology and critical care. His professional path is quite peculiar because he left the Armed forces on 31st August 1995 after having completed the minimum period of service to pay his medical studies in the Defense University. He worked for two Prague civilian hospitals (Motol and Homolka) until 15th October 2003 when he went back on active duty in the Czech Armed Forces. He worked in the service “anesthesiology and intensive care” of the Prague Central Military Hospital and was senior consultant until 31st August 2011. On 1st September 2011, he became Head of Military Medical Service, position he is still having nowadays.

In his congratulation speech, President Klaus wished luck and success to newly promoted generals. According to him, the Czech Armed Forces have a lot to do to cope with the economic pressure and the various changes in the world political situation.

General Dvořák thanked President Klaus on behalf of all three news generals for confidence and support shown to the Armed forces.