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LOM Praha will train 12 Polish helicopter pilots

Published : 5 September 2012
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The State company LOM Praha, which belongs to the Czech Ministry of Defense, is specialized not only in maintaining, repairing or upgrading air assets but also in flight training. It just signed a 50-million-crowns contract (around 2 million euros) with Poland to train transport helicopters Mi-17 pilots. By the end of November 2012, 12 pilots should be trained on the Air school base of Pardubice (Central Bohemia).

This training activity is quickly growing within LOM Praha. It is the direct development of past training sessions which were organized last year for Afghan or American crews or even of Czech-Croat Training Center presented last year by the Czech Republic during the NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012. The main goal is to provide a theoretical instruction in Czech Republic and a practical training in Croatia to future international mentors, ahead of their deployment in Afghanistan.

This initiative comes directly from the observations on the spot and aims at harmonizing the training procedures of instructors coming from various countries, with different experiences and teaching methods.

The expansion of this training activity is very positive for LOM Praha that suffers currently from financial difficulties. The company is trying to make good its deficit by also selling plots and warehouses on its historical site of Malešice (quarter of Prague) at a price of around one hundred million Czech crowns (around 4 million euros).