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  • Editorial

    The 2020 coronavirus pandemic heavily harmed the world economies. The Czech Republic is not an exception and for many professions, including consultant, this slum led to questions, then analysis and finally decisions about the best way to revitalize proper activity.
    So additionally to consulting services I usually propose to companies, I’ve decided to initiate a coaching activity to help people developing own negotiating skills.
    Currently the marketplace is becoming really competitive and (...)

  • Legal notices

    Personal data protection
    Information about users and customers is kept under the present laws of the Czech Republic, notably with the law on personal data protection no. 101/2000 Sb. in version of subsequent amendments and directives. The company Opinicus international s.r.o. uses all data obtained from the customers and users exclusively for internal company needs and do not purvey them to third persons. Users and customers are informed that they have a right to access, rectify or delete (...)