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  • 5 February 2014
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    Mr. Stropnický’s first steps: Economy first, international affairs out

    On 3rd February 2014, Martin Stropnický, the new Czech Defense Minister, introduced his team – although incomplete - of vice-ministers and advisers. He also mentioned his first priorities. What strikes immediately is the predominance given to the “economic” aspects and the disappearance of the International Affairs within the top management.

  • 29 January 2014
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    The Czech Republic has a new Defense Minister

    95 days after the Parliamentary elections, President Zeman has appointed the new Czech government led by Social-Democrat Bohuslav Sobotka. The new Defense Minister is Martin Stropnický, a well-known Czech actor who was also ambassador in Portugal and Italy or even Culture Minister. The current crucial question is how long Mr. Stropnický will need to get acquainted with the various topics that need an urgent decision: lease of Gripens, law about the professional soldiers...