Some people could have complained that I’ve not been very active on those webpages for quite a long time. The main reason of this inactivity was the development of a new project: besides the traditional activities of strategic analysis, consultancy and influence, Opinicus international s.r.o. will deal with training of Private security contractors against maritime piracy through its new branch “FAST Maritime” (see website www.fastmaritime.eu).

At first we will focus on the French market because France has just legalised the activity of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP). However we intend to open courses fully in English from mid-2016.
At first glance it seems to be unrealistic to develop a training project with a huge naval component in a country such as the Czech Republic that has no access to the sea. We are aware of that.

That is why our project is organised not only in the Czech Republic but also in Bulgaria. Thanks to a good knowledge of opportunities and legislations in Central and Eastern Europe, we are able to offer high standard courses at a reasonable price. All inclusive!

We are taking advantage in the Czech Republic of low prices of ammunition to organise the basic fire training part of the courses. For example, instead of 200 rounds that are fired in similar courses in France, we guaranty that our trainees will fire more than 1 000 rounds.

In Bulgaria, we have negotiated a partnership with the Bulgarian Naval Academy “Nikola Vaptsarov” that will provide naval infrastructure and specialised instructors in the domains that need certification of International Maritime Organisation – i.e. for courses Ship Security Officer or Basic Safety Training.

Our core team is composed of former soldiers of elite troops of the French Armed Forces: Naval Commando (in French “Commandos Marine”), Commando of the Air Force (in French “Commando de l’air), Foreign Legion and Marine Infantry. We also rely on specialised instructors who are former member of the Czech Armed Forces for combat medical first aid and close combat.

Our main focus is to offer the best quality of training in a very demanding sector. We are able to deliver it thanks to our multinational project.

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